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Nautix fixed mechanical-joint (cardan) mast base is the benchmark in terms of resistance and durability.
- Recommended for Windsurf schools & clubs (the 90° bending of the joint allows easy board adjustement and rotation).
- Selected by Formula racers for its extreme lateral stiffness.
- Suitable for mast extensions with universal axle system.

Universal axle system :
The universal axle system (also called North or pin) is mostly used in Europe. Easy to handle, its gives a good connection between the sail and the board. Nevertheless, it must be verified more regularly than a push pin system.

Nautix mast bases are the benchmark in terms of reliability. Our bases are produced with high-quality composite materials. Moreover, a precise assembly allows increased durability.  

Technical features of Nautix fixed mechanical-joint mast base with Universal axle system :
- Designed to connect the board and the rig by being fixed on a standard rail.
- Can be adapted to almost all the boards of the market.
- Delivered with 2 squares nuts.

- Equiped with a flexible "Shock Absorber" washer (reduction of vibration and point load, without altering the slip of your board).

Nautix has developed 3 diferent types of mast base for a better adaptation to your navigation style : Tendon-jointMechanical-jointPower-joint.

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Rinse with fresh water after use.
Keep your stuff in a place where there is no risk of shock and unnecessary exposure to the sun.
Mast bases are wearing parts that you must check before every session. For your safety, do not hesitate to change them regularly.